"Bob's Gun"Listen now (18 min) | Our Members Only podcast is now out. And yes, you heard that right. Bob Cesca has a gun, and he knows how to use it.
Our only recourse is to rise up as a culture and make sure these anti-democratic killmongers lose and lose big.
The massacre in upstate New York is just part of the horror the right wants to unleash on this country. It’s nice that some of the press have started to…
If Democrats don’t confront extremists within their party, they stand to lose elections. If Republicans don’t there will be more Payton Gendrons.
Why Chinless Republicans Hate Women, British Butts, And Why Laura Ingraham Is A FraudListen now (48 min) | Welcome to another episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast!
"Republican Rules On Abortion Would Have Killed My Wife"Listen now (15 min) | Justin Rosario shares a difficult story about his wife's pregnancy struggles early in their marriage.
In a nation where 74 million of us were too-easily brainwashed and conned, lies like this resonate.
Republicans are openly, and eagerly, talking about forcing women to die from pregnancy.
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