Both of my girls are just about every single thing most hated by the men most likely to want to do them harm. So I signed them up for self defense clas…
The race baiting ethno-nationalist's claims against Dr. Anthony Fauci are untrue, despicable, and a step too far. It is time to take legal action again…
Something needs to happen, and soon, to save us from the rising tide of idiocrats.
If you don't know about DeFi, you should. It's going to change the world.
Here's the argument we need to make to those refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine.
Fox News and Republicans have suddenly changed their mind on the Covid-19 vaccine. Why?
Don’t let anyone tell you cancel culture is a weapon exclusive to the left. Remember, Devin Nunes once sued a fake cow.
Eric Kaufmann of the National Review has penned perhaps the most ludicrous article of all time.
Greenwald has now taken to smearing media organizations like NPR for entirely fictional crimes.
After defending Tucker Carlson, we must now accept that the once great reporter is now a shitty one who peddles in conspiracy theories for clicks.
Polls show a staggering uptick in Republican support for regional secession inside the United States.
If you are fully vaccinated, it's a good idea to take advantage of your freedoms this summer.