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A Psychic Death

A Psychic Death

Tucker Carlson was dealt a crushing blow. We discuss that and more on The Banter Roundtable Podcast

In this blistering episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast, we do a deep dive on the enormous psychological ramifications of Tucker Carlson’s firing. How bad is this for the nation’s preeminent White Nationalist? Bob has an interesting take on Carlson’s subliminal war on America, and we talk about the impact his departure means for Fox. We also talk Donald Trump’s rape trial, the terrible optics, and what this could means for his prospects in 2024. Also on the show: the trans debate takes a very sad and nasty turn, and we have some truly appalling examples of mainstream Republican assholery in our “Both Sides” segment.

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The Emergency Meeting: Tucker Carlson’s Sauna Video

Tucker Carlson released a very, very weird video after his firing from Fox News. We listen to the audio, analyze his words, and try to figure out where he was filming it from. What can we glean from his cryptic message about his future? We share some interesting theories and discuss the thematically similar trajectory of psychologist-turned-YouTube sermonizer Jordan Peterson.

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