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"Alt" Journalists And Social Media Stars Are Wrecking America

"Alt" Journalists And Social Media Stars Are Wrecking America

Matt Taibbi, Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk are flooding the zone with bullsh**t

Russell Brand, Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and Matt Taibbi. What do they all have in common? They are flooding social and traditional media with so much bulls**t it is becoming impossible to counter it fast enough.

In this mega episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast, we go in depth on Tucker Carlson’s shocking text messages about Donald Trump, talk Russell Brand’s fact free propaganda, and listen to Matt Taibbi getting severely owned at Jim Jordan’s farcical House Judiciary Committee hearing. Our “Both Sides” segment definitively proves again that “Both Sides” really are not the same.

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Urgent Care And Steak

In this special episode of The Emergency Meeting, Ben tells Bob and Justin about his recent health scare that began with a late night trip to urgent care and ended with a steak.

Comments very welcome on this one — particularly from the vegans and vegetarians….

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