Sep 25 • 48M

The Telepathic President, Terrorist Republicans, And Bill Gates's Mosquitos

Trump's new legal defense is, well, supernatural. Also, Candace Owen

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Ben Cohen
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Welcome to another HUGE episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast! In the show today: Trump is being sued by New York state and the scale of fraud is truly nuts. Also, the Orange One has a new legal defense for stolen documents that includes, er, telepathy? We talk the Ron DeSantis migrant debacle and a stunning new update, and our “Both Sides” segment is truly, truly bonkers (Candace Owens has something to say about Bill Gates and mosquitos...).

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The Banter Members Podcast: Will Putin Really Use Nukes?

Photo by Don Fontijn on Unsplash

In today’s episode of the Banter Members Podcast, we talk Vladimir Putin’s recent statement threatening the use of nuclear weapons to “defend” Russia’s annexed territory. How serious is the threat? What do hardened foreign policy experts believe? Has Putin botched the war so badly he has no choice? The predicament isn’t necessarily as bad as we might think, but Russia’s war in Ukraine has taken a new, far darker turn.

Also, we discuss a very weird UFO fact related to humanity’s use of nuclear weapons….

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