Jul 31 • 42M

This Is Some Good F**king News!!

Joe Biden's historic climate bill, and a giant F-You to Republicans in the process.

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In this pulsating episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast, the gang finally discuss some good f**king news! In a historic moment for the country, President Biden and the Democrats have cobbled together a very impressive climate package that could radically transform the country. Not only that, it is almost certain to pass, and as a bonus, Democrats also humiliated Mitch McConnell in the process! We also talk about the GOP’s shocking betrayal of veterans and highlight some truly revolting behavior from conservatives in our “Both Sides” segment.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Passport Trip From Hell

Image via CBS News

In the Members Only Podcast today, Ben tells a shocked Bob and Justin about his extraordinarily humiliating experience of getting a passport for his 8 month old son. After weeks of trying and failing to make an appointment with the passport office, Ben and his family found themselves in the unenviable position of having to fly 450 miles to the only appointment in the entire country with only days to go before their international flight. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong — at every single step of the way. Warning: this story isn’t for the faint of heart...

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