Dear David Sirota: For The Love Of God, Shut The F*ck Up

Sirota is far too pure to accept Biden and his historically progressive platform because it isn’t pure enough.

by Ben Cohen

David Sirota, doyen of the Bernie Sanders Left wants you to know he’s angry, and very sad. Angry that he might have to hold his delicate nose and vote for the very terrible, almost as bad as Donald Trump, corporate stooge, inadequately environmentally friendly, neoliberal shill Joe Biden in November. And sad that other liberals are begging him to shut the fuck up and get behind Biden to prevent the end of American democracy and life on planet earth as we know it.

You see, there is nothing more important to David Sirota than reminding his devoted followers that Joe Biden is a very bad, no terrible candidate every single hour of every single day of every single week of every single goddamn month.

A snap shot of Sirota’s Twitter feed over the period of just a few minutes:

While his supporters not doubt find it very helpful of David to remind us that the US electoral system is deeply flawed, that the Iraq war was really bad, and that Obama wasn’t great on financial regulation, the rest of us quite frankly, have more important things to attend to. Like what, you might ask?

While you might not intuit this from Sirota’s onslaught of outrage Tweets and activist “journalism” he publishes via his newsletter, there is a deranged sociopath currently residing in the White House. Sirota might be more concerned about Joe Biden’s insufficiently liberal voting record, but the rest of us are trying to remove the man who knew exactly how dangerous COVID-19 was when it hit America, but deliberately lied about it to keep the stock market afloat. You know, the former reality TV star credibly accused of rape and sexual assault by 25 women. The racist demagogue who pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, separated migrant newborns from their mothers at the US border, and passed one of the biggest tax cuts skewed heavily towards the rich in history. That guy.

Apparently Sirota isn’t all that concerned about him because the Democrats are really, really, really bad.

According to Sirota, reasonable liberals desperate for this godawful nightmare to be over and willing to vote for someone who isn’t perfect are the real problem. Why? Because they enable the cowardly Democrats who should all be losing to Bernie Sanders, AOC, and whoever the Justice Democrats deem ideologically pure enough to vote for. Never mind the fact that many of them are voting strategically in order to stop Republicans incinerating the country — in Sirota’s world, not supporting sufficiently woke candidates makes you a Corporate Dem, sellout and a traitor.

Seven weeks out from the most important election in recent human history, Sirota doesn’t want to help Joe Biden get elected. Instead he wants to relive all of Joe Biden’s sins against progressivism. From Biden’s vote to authorize George W. Bush to use military force against Iraq 18 years ago to his unwillingness to support ‘Medicare For All’, Sirota wants you all to know that everything would be better if everyone listened to him. You might be willing to support an imperfect candidate in order to rid the country of a petty tyrant trashing the institutions of government and wrecking the environment. But not Sirota. He is far too pure to accept Biden and his historically progressive platform because it isn’t pure enough.

If you dare point out this mind numbingly irritating piousness, Sirota has a very clever answer for you. He is the reasonable one you see, while you have been suckered in to the Democrats corporate agenda:

Yes David, we are all completely unaware that Biden’s climate plan isn’t perfect. We had no idea that the party is heavily influenced by corporate interests, and did not know that Medicare For All would be fantastic for the vast majority of Americans. In fact we Corporate Dems want to destroy the environment so we can continue our lavish, elite lifestyles. We also love the fact that corporations are influencing politicians and hate the concept of universal health care coverage. We just want to get rid of Trump so that we can go back to the good ol’ days of corporate centrism.

Given this election is all about David Sirota, we apparently have to make sure we get on our hands and knees and beg him and the Bernie Left to vote for Joe Biden in November:

Please David, pretty please, would you be so kind as to vote for Joe Biden despite the fact he isn’t the perfect candidate in order to get rid of the clinically insane monster in the White House? We would really, really, really appreciate it!

Unfortunately this is unlikely to work for the sole reason that Sirota has carved out a reasonably lucrative niche for himself attacking moderate Democrats. In fact, his entire raison d'être is to trash insufficiently left liberals to a small but incredibly vocal cult of hard left ideologues. These hard left ideologues pay Sirota to tell them what they already think, and he daren’t tell them something they don’t want to hear. Sirota knows his audience too well for that, so he’ll continue throwing them as much meat as he can (plant-based of course, because David wants you to know he is an environmentally conscious vegetarian).

Here’s an idea for David then. Why don’t you take a little break from social media and writing your newsletter until the election is over? If you won’t help get Biden elected, then the very least you can do is get out of the way while the rest of us work feverishly to remove the current fascist in the White House. It would be a nice break for you, and your readers will almost certainly continue supporting you while you recharge your batteries for post Trump America. Then you can come roaring back and lecture us on our lack of ideological purity to your heart’s content.

In other words, for the love of God please shut the fuck up.

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