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Bob, there comes a point when we must assess what reality is, and what our wishs are. The Ds have had two or the three branches under their control. They have accomplished little in terms of anything that they can hang their hat on.

The problem we face is that their behavior or.lack thereof suggests to your averags voter that they wont do anything even if they have 60 votes. Look at what Obama got done last time they did: ACA. That was a Republican plan. And while it definitely helpa some, it isn't something akin to Medicare, which helps everyone. People believe, rightly, that something so important to our society most likely could never happen because the Ds wont do it because they have proven they have little interest in it. And they never will primarily I believe because they are unafraid, believing, rightly to this point, that they are opposition to R fascism, so they dont have to do much in our system but be that.

And when they lose, which is fine for some of the permanent fixtures of blueland, they csn fundraise as a resistence that has and will refrain from actually doing anything once in power. Beyond tax cuts, thats Rs game too. And we are trapped by a duoply. So people, seeing nothing happening, give up and don't vote, which benefits the party of destruction, the Rs. They problem I always have with the "Vote Blue No Matter What" rara is that it lacks any demand that anything be done. And so, not demanded or fearful of the consequences of inaction, the Ds feel insultated in their limpness, protected by demands like yours.

I want a healthier politic. I want a party that fights and goes all out in support of the people. Climate change will end us all. It should be the top priority, pass no matter if you have to shake filibuster reform out of everyone so it can, but has that happened? No. Always an excuse. So, again I state that you need to demand more of Ds. Fear tactics to.get people to vote for nothing just don't work.

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"If Democrats can unify on this issue and effectively communicate to the public.."

Alas, both are very big ifs.

As often noted, Democrats and the Left excel at failing to use the advantages they have. Whether due to the incredibly naïve notion that Republicans and the Right can be reasoned with, or an infantile petulance that they get everything they want, Dems and the Left have largely continued to just stand by and not fight back.

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