I did watch the Oscars but I have a record to keep: I've watched every single Oscar show since they were first televised in 1953. That's 70 years' worth. Some were terrible, some were just okay, and some were good. They were only 'wonderful' if the movies I was backing won, of course. I had no skin in the game for any of them this year, but I enjoyed it just the same.

About David Brooks: It annoys the hell out of me when a conservative pundit decides how we liberals (always grouped with progressives, by the way, when we're two separate and distinct entities) must be feeling. When do they ever talk about the feelings of conservatives? Is it because they have no feelings?

We liberals are classified as liberals not just because of our feelings but because of our actions. We're the givers, the nurturers, the caretakers. Damn right we have feelings. We couldn't do what we do if we didn't.

Did we gnash our teeth and grieve when Trump got that much power? Damn right we did. Did we cave? Of course not. But we talked about it. Openly. With rage and with sorrow. Maybe we need to do more of that. Maybe we need to include the young in those conversations.

One thing I know for sure: David Brooks is not going to tell us who we are. You want to know about liberals? Ask a goddamn LIBERAL. I'm 85 goddamn years old and I've been a liberal since I was old enough to sit around listening to my blue-collar union family lament about the latest labor strike and how we're going to eat tomorrow.

I've been telling you people how it is for a couple of decades now, but you wouldn't know it because you didn't read it. But I've been talking and I'm not the only one. Find a liberal and listen! You must know some. We're in every strike line, at every protest, at every rally, at every food bank, at every voting precinct. We're the ones who VOTE. We're the ones who GET THINGS DONE. We're not and never will be David Brooks. https://www.ramonasvoices.com/2016/

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