Joe Biden has obviously has dementia and not only that it’s being cover up

By his wife

His staff

Kamala Harris

White House staff

News media


This is a serious fraud

Is a felony

And elder abuse

He has no clue what he is signing

Elder abuse can be physical

Which I don’t believe

But no doubt emotionally and taking advantage of hs dementia

The is a felony

They all should be charged and imprisoned

Our country is at stake

If he does not have dementia then

Take the long form mental status exam

By impartial neurologist

Should be required

Prove it

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Jesus, anyone who has had a close friend or family member who has suffered from this disease, it is more than obvious that he is well on his way. He should not be running, it is insulting to the American public they are trying to hide him and not debate because they know he couldn’t make it two minutes in a debate against Trump. He is merely a trojan horse for the radical left and anyone who cannot admit this is in serious denial.

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My only comment is it's obvious that there is something wrong and I have been around family that acted a whole lot like Joe and I was told that it was dementia. Now I know that if it was any other adult who forced someone to be in a position like that of Joe Biden and face the pressure like is required to be able to understand how the real world works in any place other than DC would be arrested and then prosecuted for abuse of a adult.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has this feeling I know that there are law to protect him and others just like him.

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Oh yes he does. He cant talk without stumbling over his words

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Thank you. This is an AWESOME article. I wish I could share it????

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Good piece. Asking for professional assessments is a good response. So is some 'whataboutism' about Trump's behavior.

Starting to see this breakdown with my 80 year old father. He couldn't pull off what Biden is currently doing.

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I am 72 years old and I do not have it. Yet, I do switch words sometimes and get confused on what happened when. That is aging, not dementia.

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Well, I know one neurologist I would never see for any neurological issue. He apparently needs to go back to remedial medical school. Joe Biden is a classic example of a dementia patient.

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