Mar 26 • 55M

The Alien Perspective: Is Trump Going To Jail? Can We Make A Gun Deal?

If you knew nothing about American politics, how would you explain the sh*t show to a visiting alien?

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Ben Cohen
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In today’s episode of The Banter Roundtable Podcast, Ben gives an update on his health status (read about Ben’s anemia woes here). He also asks Bob and Justin to explain what the hell has happened over the past two weeks while he has been out of action. Bob breaks it down as if speaking to an alien with no knowledge of the insanity that is America politics. Who is Donald Trump? Why would anyone elect him? Are the humans going to put him in a cage?

Apologies for no ‘Emergency Meeting’ podcast for Banter Members today. We’ll be back at it next week :)

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(Note: there are some audio issues with this episode of the podcast. We hope to have this ironed out as we integrate new recording tech and editing software)

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