I'm so glad you have provided a retrospective on the news for the past two weeks since I was out of the country for 17 days , even though I too heard the news about the imminent arrest of the "pumpkin-headed monster," as Bob referred to him in today's podcast, on French TV several days before that momentous date, March 21, which didn't happen, unfortunately. I so eagerly looked forward to that date that I connected with a friend in New York and asked him to buy me the morning editions of The New York Times and the Daily News for their long-awaited bombshell headlines and keep them for me. Of course that didn't come to pass, unfortunately. Then I began to wonder how could Dumpf know he was being arrested before anyone else - unless it was another falsehood designed to rouse his violent base. I think Dumpf is too much of a coward to even ask for handcuffs. But the rest of us would love to see him shackled and taken out by law enforcement. I agree this piece of human garbage should have been arrested years ago.

Hate to say, I did not miss American news while vacationing in France and Israel. From what you've informed me in this podcast, nothing is new and everything is just miserable with the right-wing incursions into attempting to take away our"inalienable" rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I was sorry to hear about Ben's latest health diagnosis. I wish him well and hope that he will eventually overcome his latest health woe.

I'm so outraged by this hysteria over drag queen storytelling on the far right that now extremists come to these shows with their military garb and guns. As you said, these latter groups are far scarier than the poor drag queens trying to go on with a performance. The morality of this anger toward drag shows is so egregious and just shows how the far right distracts, distracts, and distracts from the real issues that never get addressed.

There has be a backlash against this far-right extremism in this country, so that they will not win.

As Ben said toward the end, those who obsess about this issue - drag shows - are probably hiding questions about their own sexual identities. It's tantamount to those overly indignant individuals who railed against homosexuals who themselves were shielding their own gay personas from being exposed.

I'm glad to be back, though, to hear your podcasts once more.

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Was I the only person who had difficulty listening to this weeks episode? The sound levels made it difficult. Ben sounded like he was in a cave next door.

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