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It's been a while back but I still have angry memories of when a coworker was beaten by her boyfriend when she realized she was pregnant. She went alone to a clinic where she was harassed and blocked entrance by rabid religious nuts.

She asked other coworkers to help her. Nope. They were pro-life. So I stepped in and volunteered to take a day off work to take her to the same clinic where I met the vilest thugs I ever encountered including a catholic priest who spit in my face trying to keep me from the door. He was deliberately trying to get me to shove or punch him so he could call the police.

We went thru the gauntlet hearing assholes call us babykillers. They endlessly goaded us to react. We didn't. And as I left the priest grabbed me and screamed. I replied "Have a nice day".

Never forgot just how vile those thugs were. And these thugs will endlessly BS about the Fetus but once a baby is born they don't give a rats ass what happens to the kid.

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I do not doubt the sincerity and impact of your experience. I speak as a reader here, one of many. I offer this criticism as a reader.

This article is a mess, TL:DR. It goes way long on basically a narrative dump. The issue is not the framing of the intro so much as the fact that you begin to deal with the crux of the matter way later. You lose the reader. And when you finally get to the point, its messily sculpted. After reading it, I feel like I got little from it.

Again, this is meant to be constructive only. It may be that there is a solid point you could make here. But as it is, it desperately needs an editor because, unless you are a creep like Douhat, this writing would have no chance of seeing print.

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