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“… and the local police let them do it. If large groups of armed and organized fanatics seize control of rural territory, can we be sure that local law enforcement will act?”

Police departments, by their very nature, ate right wing organizations. And as they constantly demonstrate by their always strong opposition to any kind of oversight, don’t believe they should be subject to the very laws that it is their job to uphold.

How high a percentage of police officers are sympathetic to, if not actually members of, these groups? The Bundys walking free, (twice!) and the police doing nothing about the illegal roadblocks suggest the percentage is quite high if not very high.

An odd irony (and which irony isn’t?) is the more people realize they can’t rely on the police, the more they will feel like they have to fend for themselves. And drift closer to the “prepper“ mindset.

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Very informative article. Never heard of Sovereign Citizen movement before. Better to be aware and on the look-out than to be caught off guard. Crazy takes so many forms these days.

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What we have been screaming is that you can defuse this by passing laws people can see, and by actively fighting for the people. We want the Ds to do that, as they are the only current bulwark against this madness, and for whatever reason, they aint done anything close to what Mitch will do, all legal, until it aint. Thats why moderation is no longer on the table because it leads to overcaution and stasis. It IS useful intermittenly, but it is not a governing philosophy in a radical environment. We need restoration and change. We've received flaccid response and excuses. The sad truth is people Voted Blue no matter what, and it aint got us much of anything. Laws count, not just justices. And when you dont come through on anything, you lose Ds AND independents because nobody, ill repeat nobody, can be expected to vote on a threat. The Ds have played that note a million times and will continue to do so until they learn it doesnt work. They could have done something. But the leadership is old, content, and ultimately unable to do anything. They could have pressured the two turncoats. They didnt. There are no excuses, no matter how much loyalists want there to be for failure. It's insanity to vote for what we have got. And its also not the progressives fault. The fault lies with the decrepit leadership who beat down progressives without doing anything to resist the other side. They coddle.

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