Sitemap - 2021 - The Banter - Washington DC

Till The Bitter End

The “Pro-Life” Movement Aborts Dignity

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Spend The Holidays With Traitors? No Thank You

The Roundtable Christmas Special!

Yes, Joe Biden Will Run Again And There’s A Good Chance He’ll Win

Why Trump Might Not Run

It Begins With Abortion

Banter Roundtable #8: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Gun Massacre

No, Stupids, You Can’t Deliberately Get Omicron For Natural Immunity

What If Hillary Had Trump's Russian Connections?

The Left's Racism Problem

Banter Roundtable Podcast #7: Trump Tried To Kill Biden, Ben's New Baby, Plus Justin's Heartbreaking Story

Thanks, Republicans, For The Dumbest Talking Point Ever

"I'm Not Your Biological Father" - My Life As A Jerry Springer Episode

The 'Anti Woke' Industry

How to Raise the Next Kyle Rittenhouse

Note to readers

Now We Know Trump’s COVID Response Wasn’t Just Incompetent

An (Unearned) Apology To Michael Moore

The Banter Roundtable Special: How It All Began

Josh Hawley’s Manly Men Are Terrified Of A Teeny Tiny Shot

The Economy Is In Surprisingly Good Shape. Why Doesn't Anyone Know About It?

Non-Critical Race Theory

Banter Roundtable #5: How Do Democrats UnF**k Themselves??

After Virginia, Democrats Must Get Better At One Thing To Stop Trump In 2024

Marco Rubio's Hilarious New Economic Philosophy

MAGAs Turned Montana Ugly So Let's Blame "Both Sides"

The Banter Roundtable #4: Cenk Uygur's Whining, Shorting Trump, And Hate In Virginia

Here’s A Fun And Profitable Way To Screw Trump’s New Business

An Open Letter To The Anti-Vaxxers

The Ugly, Desperate Embrace Of Trumpism In Virginia

Banter Roundtable Podcast #3: "Get The Vaccine, BE The Vaccine!"

If Democrats Lose In Virginia, Democracy Is On The Chopping Block

How To Deal With Anti Vaxxers And Conspiracy Theorists (Part Two)

The Sad, Totally Real Feminist Oppression Of Men

Banter Roundtable Podcast #2: Bow And Arrow Murders, Defeatist Libs, And Joe Rogan's Bulls**t

Democrats Are Not Cowards, So Why Are Liberals Repeating GOP Smears?

Psychedelics, Spiritual Narcissism, And Vaccine Resistance Gone Insane (Part One)

Smug Liberals Empower The Far Right? F**k You

Dear Six Week Old Embryo

Introducing The Banter Roundtable Podcast!: Ben's Accent And Bob's Panties

Facebook’s Hell Week, And How To Stop Its Abuse Of Power

The Fight We Cannot Afford To Lose

The Problem Isn't Joe Rogan, It's Influencer Worship

Ex-Trumpers Are Trying To Exonerate Themselves. We Must Not Let Them.

After 18 Months Of Covid, I'm Alone Again. I Have Mixed Feelings About It.

9/11 Notwithstanding, We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

Insurrectionists Like Trump Cannot Be Allowed To Escape Justice

Note About The Banter Podcast

Will There Be A Gen. Mark Milley To Stop The Next Trump?

Matt Taibbi Says George W. Bush Was 'Worse Than Trump'. He's Wrong, And Here's Why.

A Chimp With A Machine Gun

Chez Pazienza's Glorious Open Letter To Texas

Why Republican Anti-Vaxx Politics Will Undermine Public Health For Decades

GOP Melts Down Over Biden Vaccine Policies, Remembering Trump's Grotesque Brag On 9/11

Donald Trump Is Now Responsible For Every Republican Covid Death

Fascist Idiocracy In Texas And The New Bounty Hunter Industry (Part 2)

The Texas Abortion Law Is A Blueprint For Republican Tyranny

Texas Bans Abortions, Joe Rogan Takes Horse Dewormer To Cure Covid, Laura Ingraham Wants You To Die

The Surfside Condo Collapse: A Brief Forensic Study of Missing the Point Entirely

Texas Abortion Ban And The Rise Of Lawsuit Bounty Hunters

Why Joe Rogan And Wellness Influencers Are Obsessed With Covid "Co-Morbidities"

Anti-Mask Terrorists Are Killing Our Children. It's Time To Act

Banter Exclusive: "I Was Accompanying The Mujahideen On An Excursion To Destroy Armored Vehicles"

They've Gotten This Deranged: Republicans Are Taking Horse Medicine to Own the Libs

Cable News, Afghanistan, And The “Please Love Us!” Syndrome

The Colossal Ivermectin Clusterf**k

The Media Used Afghanistan To Get Revenge On Biden

Live For The Orange Man, Die Alone On A Ventilator For The Orange Man

America’s Nervous Breakdown

Dancing In A Sea Of MAGAs

Is Biden To Blame For The Current Catastrophe In Afghanistan?

Remember The Corrupt Post Office Guy? He's Still Wrecking The USPS, And Our Democracy

This Is How To Stop The Next Republican Coup

White Republicans Are Killing Themselves Because Of Trump And Fox News

Mitch McConnell's Sacrificial Lamb: President Biden's Infrastructure Bill

Democratic Presidents: Cleaning Up Republican Catastrophes Since 1976

The Uncomfortable Conversation Democrats Must Have With The 'Woke' Left

Why My Girls Are Learning How To Break Bones

Tucker Carlson Has Now Gone Too Far

The Antivaxxers Are Ruining It For Everyone

Why Ethereum's DeFi Is Going To Eat Wall St Alive

It's Time To Make Vaccines Mandatory

The Sinister Reason(s) Why Republicans Now Want Their Voters Vaccinated

Red Hat Republicans Love, Love, Love Cancel Culture

MAGAs Demand Fascism Because No One Will Have Sex With Them (Seriously)

Glenn Greenwald Now Just Making Sh*t Up Instead Of Doing Journalism

Matt Taibbi's Puff Piece On Tucker Carlson Is Proof He Can't Do Journalism Any More

If America Is So Exceptional Why Do So Many Republicans Support Secession?

Have Fun Now, Because Another Covid Winter Is Coming

Open Thread: Is Biden Right To Pull Out Of Afghanistan?

I Misjudged The Pandemic In 2020. We're Making The Same Mistake in 2021.

After Trump And The Pandemic We Need To Deal With Our Post-Traumatic Stress

Can Mark Zuckerberg Please F*ck Off?

Bill Cosby Is Using America's Racial Tension To Disguise His Disgusting Crimes

The MAGA Delusion Is Escalating Dangerously

Trump Declared War On America. And Lost.

Banter Chat: Why Are Republicans So Scared Of Critical Race Theory?

After Four Years Of Chaos And Pain, We Need To Deal With Our Post-Traumatic Stress

The Disgusting Tucker Carlson

A Tale Of Drugs, Pain, And Sleep Deprivation

The Catholic Church Said What?!?

Open Thread: Did Jon Stewart F**k Up?

What The Hell Was Jon Stewart Thinking?

We Severely Underestimated Depravity Of Trump Republicans

Look Who's Back! (CNN's Masturbator In Chief!) Obama Slams GOP, Plus Matt Taibbi Can't Do Journalism

Open Thread: Has Identity Politics Gone Too Far?

Before You Get Pissed Off At The Entire Democratic Caucus, Read This

Beware Democrats: Wokeness Will Tank You In 2022

Red-Blue Gladiators: A New, Gratuitously Violent Politically Themed TV Show!

The Washington Post Celebrates Endless Bloodshed

Glenn Greenwald Is Nuts, Tucker Is A Scumbag, And Joe Manchin Needs Threatening

Israeli Politicians Just Showed The World How To Stand Up To Tyrants

This Is What A Pro-Trump Myanmar Coup Might Look Like Here

Should Fear Of MAGA Terrorism Keep Trump Out Of Jail?

Fili-BUSTED: Cowardly Republicans Block Capitol Riot Commission

Democrats Should Turn 1/6 Into Benghazi 2.0

The Cold Secession Is Underway As Texas Passes Insane, Archaic Laws

Seven Cheap Dates to Save Billionaire Marriages on the Rocks

How To Force Joe Manchin To End The Filibuster

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Beyond Stupid

Banter Chat: So Obama Called Trump A "Madman" A “Racist, Sexist Pig”, And “That F**king Lunatic”...

McConnell And McCarthy Want To Bury Trump's Insurrection Story Forever

Fully Vaccinated. Zero Fear. Still Wearing A Mask

Is It Time To Reassess The Neocons?

Banter Chat: Are You Vaccinated And Still Wearing A Mask Outside?

The GOP Is Committing Political Suicide, But The Resistance Still Has Work To Do

The Broader Truth Of The George Floyd Murder Is Painful, Obvious, And Almost Completely Ignored

Panicked GOP Bans American History

Banter Chat: Can Liz Cheney Save America From Another Trump Coup Attempt?

How Facebook Tricked Trumpers Into Supporting Bernie Style Corporate Regulations

There Is A New Covid-19 Crisis That Threatens The Entire World

An Open Letter To Covid Deniers, Anti-Maskers, New Agers, And QAnon Fruitcakes

Rudy Raided, Manchin The Coward, And Tucker The F***er (Again)

Banter Chat: Is Tucker Carlson Uncancellable?

Tucker And Joe Rogan Are Lying To Their Own Audiences About Masks And Vaccines

Confession: I'm Into Bitcoin...

Confession: I'm Into Bitcoin...

MAGAland Is Turning A Dead Terrorist Into A Martyr

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Republicans Are Becoming Too Toxic For Big Business

Are Cops On Steroids?

Finally, Justice For George Floyd And Black America

An Open Letter to Capitol Rioter Dawn Bancroft

American Sh**show

Banter Chat: Who Is The Most Dangerous Republican?

The Incredible Dumbness Of The Vaccination Appointment Process

How Alex Berenson Lies About The Pandemic For Profit

Republicans Have Royally F**ked Up

Republicans Scam Their Own Donors Using The Trump Playbook + Mike Gets The Vaccine

Banter Chat: How Has The Pandemic Affected You Psychologically?

Mitch McConnell Bites The Hand That Feeds Him

Aftermath Nation

Is It Time To Reconcile With The MAGAs In Your Life?

Did Florida (Congress)Man Have Sex With a 17-Year-Old?

Banter Chat: How Have You Survived The Pandemic?

Don’t Tell QAnon But The Real Devils And Pedophiles Are On Their Side

The Dangerous Gamification Of War

To Fox News Viewers, The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Now One Big Joke

"What Crazy F***ing Thing Did a Republican Say This Week?"

Bob Cesca: The Gun Lobby Isn’t About The Second Amendment, It’s About Selling More Guns

The Filibuster Protects Republicans...From Themselves

Sweating The Small Stuff

Mitch McConnell's Last Stand

Ben Gets Knocked On His Ass By... The Vaccine

Only Comedians Can Take Down Tucker Carlson

Trump's Lies About China Are Having Deadly Consequences For Asian-Americans

Biden Has Accomplished More In Fifty Days Than Trump Did In Four Years

Done Deal, Tucker The F***ker, And Cuomo's Epic Demise

Beware The ‘Red Rose’ Left: They’re Not Your Friends

MAGA Jesus

Yes, Britain Is A Racist Country

My Life as a Jewish Space Laser Arsonist

Facebook And Instagram Just Disabled My Accounts For No Reason

Wise Up, Progressives, The Democrats Aren’t Your Enemy

I've Been A Doomsday Prepper For A Decade. It's Not The Worst Way To Live

Rush to Judgment

Ted Cruz, The Original Cuck

Republicans Demand Creepy Genital Inspectors In Georgia

A Scary Number Of Republicans Still Believe The Election Was Stolen From Trump

Rush Limbaugh: Thoughts And Prayers Etc

A Newsman Steps Down, And Broadcast Journalism Will Never Be The Same

There Are No Words Left To Describe The Depths Of Republican Cowardice

There Are No Words Left To Describe The Depths Of Republican Cowardice

Gaslighting God

Emergency Impeachment Podcast: Republicans Choose Cowardice Again

No Bruce Springsteen, We Should Not Meet Republican Conspiracists in “the Middle”

Trump's Insurrectionists Were Fighting For Fascism, Not Democracy

Aubrey Marcus: How A Wellness Guru Became An Irresponsible Covid Conspiracy Theorist

Ben Cohen Vs Susan Sarandon

No Quarter

Fox News And The American Republic Can’t Coexist

Virtual Learning Is A Blessing And A Brutal Assault

Biden Must Go It Alone On The Stimulus

Republicans Gets Trumpier... And Crazier?

How 'Conspirituality' Wrecked The Wellness World And Destroyed Our Response To COVID-19

Impeachment And Criminal Prosecution Aren’t Harsh Enough For Trump

QAnon Has Imploded, But It Will Come Back Crazier Than Ever

He's F**king Gone, Finally

The Fight To Save Democracy Is Over, Now We Fight To Keep It

Eight Things We’ve Learned Under Donald Trump

No, Trump Did Not "Break" The GOP. It Was Already Broken.

The Loser Gets Impeached. Again.

Bob Cesca: Trump Impeached Again, Despite Dumbshit Republican Excuses

Republicans Are Fleeing Trump Because He Threatens The System That Protects Them

So...We're Going To Shoot Them Next Time, Right?

Cretin Bastille Day

MAGA Tries To Burn America To The Ground

How The Mighty MAGA Uprising Of 2021 Failed Spectacularly

The Invasion Of The U.S. Capitol: Never Again

Bye, Mitch

Trump Must Be Impeached (Again) Over Georgia Phone Call If American Democracy Is To Survive

2020 Was Horrendous, So Republicans Want To Make 2021 Worse