Sitemap - 2019 - The Banter - Washington DC

2019: Well, That Was Interesting....

Walking Away From "Success"

A Holiday Message to Members of the Resistance

Programming Note (And A Christmas Photo!)

Only The Right Could Make "Merry Christmas" Into An Attack

The Banter Brief: Trump's WASP Exodus, Human Origins, And A Brutal Assessment Of Republicans

Donald Trump Is Officially Impeached -- And It Terrifies Him

The Fifth Avenue Defense

The Right's Demands For Civility Are A Sign Of Fear

The Banter Brief: BoJo Massacre, The AOC Slap, And Vegan Science

It’s Reality vs Fantasy As The Impeachment Of Donald Trump Is Upon Us

A Trump Win In 2020 Would Be Catastrophic For Republicans

The Banter Brief: Billionaire Bullshit, Pelosi On Fire, And The Violent Irishman

‘Barron-Gate’ And The Triggered Trumpers

This Impeachment Poll Reflects The Terrifying State Of The US Media

Pete Buttigieg Considers My Family Rich. Is He Serious?

Life Coaching for Trumpers

The Hatred Of Jews Is Out In The Open Now

Trump Supporters Lie To Cover Up A Deep Seated Psychological Flaw

It's Almost Thanks Giving. Have You Shamed Your Trump Voting Relatives Yet?

The Banter Brief: Ali G Vs Zuckerberg, Fiona Hill, And Serial Killer Interviews

Gordon Sondland Confirmed The 'Quid Pro Quo' And It's Driving Trumpers Crazy

Gordon Sondland Has Completely Destroyed Every Trump Defense

Top Democrats Ignore Obama's Warning At Their Peril

When You Pull Away the Onion Layers, It’s All Xenophobia

The Banter Brief: Impeachment Apocalypse, Roger Stone Guilty, Buttigieg Surges

GOP's Impeachment 'Strategy' Was A Disaster For Trump

Fear Of Elizabeth Warren Is Why Michael Bloomberg Is Running

A Step By Step Guide To Preparing For The Coming Government Shutdown

Don't Sleep On Pete Buttigieg. He Could Be The Perfect Antidote To Trump.

The Banter Brief: The GOP Nightmare In Virginia, Worst/Best Movie Ever, And Buttigieg Rising

Trump Is A Weak Incumbent, And He’s Getting Weaker

Matt Taibbi Spent The Weekend Defending Trump. It Was An Embarrassing Disaster

The Poll That Should Really Worry Democrats

The Banter Brief: Vindman's Devastating Testimony, Woke Obama, And Self Driving Cars

Facebook Is Punishing Liberal Sites And Rewarding Conservative Ones

The People Who Say We Can't Afford Medicare For All Should Try Living Without Insurance

Andrew Sullivan's Astonishing Meltdown

Beating the Trump Cancer

The Banter Brief: The Perilous Investigation Of The Investigators

I Think We Have Another Impeachment Article, And It’s A Big One

The Media Covers A Make Believe President

The Media Is Smearing Hillary Clinton Over Tulsi Gabbard Claims

The Banter Brief: The Bombshell Report That Could Finish Trump

Bad News For Biff, Bad News For The Economy

The Unmatched Wisdom Of A Raving Madman

John Bolton Threw Trump Under The Bus. Where's My Popcorn?

Mr. Trump: We Don’t Need Your Civil War

The Banter Brief: Betrayal, Watergate, And The Peaky Blinders

Democrats Must Fight Clean. It's The Only Way To Beat Trump.

Matt Taibbi Finally Goes Off The Deep End

GOP Unveils New Trump Impeachment Defense: 'He Was Only Joking'

The Banter Brief: The Self Impeaching Madman

Space Force or Nuking Hurricanes: How To Know Whether Trump’s Threats And Crazy Blurts Are Real

Dear Russiagate Deniers: Screw You

Impeach The Bastard

The Banter Brief: Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment

The Most Staggering, Confounding Days In My 30 Years Covering Politics

Trump's Secret Impeachment Defense: A Broken Press

How the Gun Lobby Wants You to React to a Massacre

The Banter Brief: Stupendously Good News (Sort Of)

Don’t Feed The Republican Trolls: Democrats Are Investigating Trump And It Has To Be Legitimate

You Should Be Very Afraid Of What ICE Is Turning Into

Want To Beat Trump? Start Listening To Republicans, Not Democrats

The Banter Brief: Bye Bye Bolton, Nazi America, & Drizzy's UK Gangster Flick

Fact Check: No Way Trump Was Anywhere Near Ground Zero After 9/11

Summer Vacations Are For The Rich

Sharpiegate Represents A Turning Point In American History

Don’t You Dare Tell Me What Kind of Jew I Am You Lying Sack of Dog Crap

Banter Brief: The Very Odd British Edition

Thoughts, Prayers And Rejecting Political Hobbyists

Boris Johnson Is Now Facing The Consequences Of His Bullshit

"White Votes Don't Matter" And Other Republican Fairy Tales

The Banter Brief: "Mr. President, We Don’t Work For You"

Lawrence O'Donnell Jumped The Gun, But The Trump/Deutsche Bank Story Could Still Be True

My Midlife Crisis Is Boring As Hell

A Conversation With A Perfectly Pleasant Racist

The Banter Brief: Grim News For Trump, Saving Pachamama, And War With China

An Urgent Message From The Amazon Rainforest

24 Hours And A New Record For The Mad King

Beat On The Brat

The "Scary" Talks With Your Kids Are Not Actually Scary

A Martial Artist's Perspective on Eric Garner's Death by Chokehold

The Banter Brief: Bullshit, Grand Designs, And Self Deportation

The Trump Economy Is Bullshit

Shaming The GOP Might Actually Be Working

Did You Think This Month's (So Far) Domestic Terrorism Was Bad? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Dear America: You Can’t Handle the Truth

The Banter Brief: Elizabeth Warren's Surge, Brexit Mastermind, And A Gun Miracle?

For The First Time I Can Remember, It Feels Like In The Aftermath Of Both El Paso And Dayton, Something Is Bending

The Impossible Job Of Making White Nationalism Cute And Cuddly

Annihilate The GOP And The Gun Lobby

The Banter Brief: GOP Implosion, Biden Hangs On, And Reagan The Racist

‘This Is How The Chaos Begins’: The Terrifying Candidacy Of Marianne Williamson

Buying Cars And The Crushing Cost Of Poverty

A Message To Democrats And Liberals: Don't Let Despondency Win

The Banter Brief: Bo Jo And Robos

Trans Banter Reader: 'I Get Same Pushback From Trans Activists As I Do People In MAGA Hats.

Physical Therapy And The Cost Of Poverty

Boris Johson, The "Donald Trump" Of Britain Is Now Prime Minister

Democratic Candidates Displaying Gender Pronouns On Their Twitter Accounts Are Making A Big Mistake

The Banter Brief: Stranger Things, Trump's Racism, and Brexit

Your Faceapp Photos Are Being Collected By Russians

Banter Special Report: America's Domestic Terrorism Problem Is Far Worse Than You Think

Trump's Racism Is Part Of A Broader Republican Strategy For 2020

The Banter Brief

Trump’s Economic Nightmare

After Screwing Obama In 2009, The Republicans Don’t Care About The Debt Any More

The Real Reason The Right Despises Antifa

The 24/7 News Cycle Is Destroying Your Mind And Your Health

Donald Trump Is Closer Than Ever To Becoming An Actual Dictator

June Was Not A Good Month For Democracy

Democrats: Beware The Circular Firing Squad

Trumping Trump: A Daring Plan To Defeat The Orange Monster

Trump And Bernie Don't Know What "Rigged" Means

My Last Days As President....(Of The PTA)

The Jordan Peterson Delusion

How to Save American Houses and Lives

I Watched Trump's Campaign Kick-Off Rally Because I'm A Patriot

America's Drug Addiction In Black And White

Trump Is Getting Dangerously Desperate

Republicans Will Use "Deepfake" Videos In 2020. Count On It.

I Don’t Hate Bill Maher, But He's Dead Wrong On Hillary Clinton

Trump's 2020 Polling Numbers Are Catastrophic

Why I'm Leaving Twitter

Aborting Freedom: The Pathetic Saga of the Fake Pro-Life Movement

Trump's Deadly Pander To Anti-Choice Extremists

How I Finally Learned To Handle My Trump Supporting Friend

David Brooks (Of All People) Explains Why Republicans Are Burning Democracy To The Ground

God Save The Queen

A Rat Race To Nowhere

Our Mourning For A Lost Pregnancy And Republican Attempts To Lie About It

Trump's Attacks On Biden Reveal Where His Genius Lies

Theresa May's Catastrophic Leadership Is Finally Over

An Interview With Ben On The Fall Of The Daily Banter

The Mad King Is Preparing For His Final Act

Michael Tracey Is A Perfect Example Of How Dangerous The Fringe "Left" Is

Democrats Must Now Wage An Unrelenting War on Republicans

Are the Benefits of Giving Up Your Career for Your Kids a Myth?

Redactus Interruptus

Trump's Faustian Bargain

Alabama's Near Total Abortion Ban Is Designed To Kill Women

Typo Apologies From Your Humble Editor...

The Left Predicted The End Of Abortion Rights. We Were Right.

If It's Biden, Then F*ck It, It's Biden

Who Knew White Republicans Spoke Navajo?

The Environmental Crisis Within You

The Loser And The Tax Cheat

My Life Is Pretty Goddamn Awesome. Should I Feel Bad About That?

The United States Has No President

This Was The Week The Right Finally Admitted It Has An Antisemitism Problem

Mueller’s Nuanced Language Allows Trump And Barr To Get Away With Murder

When Quitting Is Noble

The Nuanced Grace Of Barack Obama

Yes, They Really Are Talking About Becoming Terrorists

The Mass Delusion Of The Red Hats

How a Viral Hashtag Conned Bret Easton Ellis into Leaving the Democrats

BANTER SPECIAL REPORT: The Spectacular Meltdown Of Glenn Greenwald

William Barr And The End Of The Rule Of Law In America

The Delicate Balancing Act Of Being A Surrogate Father

Impeachment Now, More Than Ever

The First Black Hole Image Captured. It's Not Pretty....

Julian Assange Is No Journalist And Not Worthy Of Sympathy

Mitch Connell: A Profile In Fear And Cowardice

An Open Letter To The Media: Please Do Not Screw Up The 2020 Election

The Puppet Show President

Republicans Are Facing An Extinction Level Event

Mueller Lite

How Trump Completely F*cked Up His Mueller Advantage

The Fox News Propaganda Machine Hits A New Low

White Rage Poisons Everything Good

Bob Cesca: Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand Healthcare

Conservative Men, Martial Arts And Fake Masculinity

Trump Is Playing Russian Roulette With America's National Security

How Bad Schools Fail Our Children: A Firsthand Account

Bob Cesca: The Trump Cover-Up Of The Mueller Report Is Underway

No One Is Talking About The Real Russiagate Scandal

The Mueller Gloaters Are Wrong. Trump Obstructed Justice And Colluded With Russia.

Desperate Helicopter Moms: An Open Letter

Brexit Is A F*cking Catastrophe

Bob Cesca: Strap Yourselves In, The News Media’s 2020 Silly Season Has Arrived

A Reader Hits Back: Debating A Skeptic On The Limits Of Rationalism

Only Decades Of Violence Can Fix What Republicans Have Broken

New Zealand Massacre Is More Proof White Supremacy Is The Greatest Threat To Global Peace

Bob Cesca: "Bernie Sanders Is The New Third Rail Of American Politics"

Tucker Carlson Proves The Link Between White Nationalists And Misogynists

The Problem With Skeptics And Atheists

UPDATED: Tucker Carlson Is One Vile Human Being

The Difficult Conversation Americans Must Learn To Have

Conservative Operatives Are Launching Fake News Sites In Time For 2020

Trump And The Integration Of The Shadow

Why I Won’t Work for a Trump Supporter: An Open Letter

I've Changed My Mind On Impeaching Trump

The Cohen Testimony: Lying Liars And The Immensely Stupid Tactics Of The House Republicans

Trump Is Doubling Down On A Losing Hand For 2020

Remembering Chez

Beneath Contempt

Why Are Trump’s Actions So Disconnected From Reality?

My Children Are 9 And 11. Putting Them In Handcuffs Would Be Insane.

Bernie Sanders' Disastrous Decision To Run For President

An Important Note From Ben

The Coming Wave Of Domestic Terrorism Will Be Memed

Facebook Must Die (And Soon)

Liam Neeson And The Insidious Nature Of Cultural Racism