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A Letter from Quite Possibly the Next Speaker of the House

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Members Only: The Worst Social Media Spats We’ve Ever Had

Republicans Vowed Election Day Chaos And Terrorism. Where Did It Go?

Trump’s Running Again But This Won’t Be Another 2016

Trump Supporters Are Lost Without Daddy

The Ultimate Midterm Dissection: How Democrats Neutered The "Red Wave"

Members Only Podcast: Is Trump Finished?

Democratic Voters Deliver Another Gut Punch To Trump And Trumpism

The GOP's Pathetic Midterm Collapse

Musk Opens The Door For Republican Ratf**ing

Are We F***d???

Members Only Podcast: If Republicans Win The Midterms, How Does Biden Come Back In 2024?

Time For America To Choose: Violent Extremism Or Democracy

Elon Musk Is Kanye West Is Elon Musk

Republicans Are Planning To Steal The Midterms. Here's What You Can Do To Stop Them.

Here Come The Trolls! Elon Takes Twitter, Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack, And Kanye's Irrelevance

“Not A Real Minority”

Don’t Worry About John Fetterman. He’s Got This.

Capitalism And Nuclear Weapons: Just The Right Dose, Please.

The GOP's Plans For The Next Two Years Are Terrifying

The Jew Hate Special, Britain Is Screwed, And Elon's New Buddy

Members Podcast: The Times We Nearly Died

The Far Left Is Surreally Stupid When It Comes To American Foreign Policy

A Sinister Theory On Herschel Walker's Fake Police Badge Scandal

Letting Go Of My Disney Dream

Herschel Walker’s Christian Abortions

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Down Goes Jones! Pelosi The Gangster, And Gabbard The Traitor

Down Goes Jones! Pelosi The Gangster, And Gabbard The Traitor

Members Only Podcast: Sean Hannity’s Hunter Biden Tape, And The Frightening Cruelty Of Modern Republicans

Alex Jones Is Screwed

A Dangerous New Escalation By Republicans Is Being Ignored

Never Forget

The Fatal Mistake

MEMBERS ONLY: Members: How The Cost Of Living Crisis Is Affecting Us

Republicans: Abortion Is OK, But Only If We Pay For It

What Do Liz Truss, Vladimir Putin, And The GOP Have In Common?

The Coming Republican Deep State

The Republican War On Trans People Is Getting Really, Really Weird

Members Only: Hanging Out With Incels

Tucker Is No Alpha Male, So Why Is He Pretending To Be One?

Ben Shapiro Is Weirdly Obsessed With The Bathroom Habits Of Children

The Right's Pedophile Problem Is Getting Worse

The Telepathic President, Terrorist Republicans, And Bill Gates's Mosquitos

Banter Members Podcast: Will Putin Really Use Nukes?

Hooray for Hawleywood!

The Internet Solves Trump's Coded Letitia James Slur

Republicans Turn To Familiar Tactic For The Midterms. You'll Never Guess What It Is.

Ron DeSantis's Latest Migrant Stunt Was Unfathomably Cruel, Potentially Illegal, And An Utter Failure

"Stand Back And Stand By" AGAIN!!

Lindsey Graham's Abortion Gambit

Biden Is Part Of A Dying Breed Of Democrats. We Need To Keep It Alive.

Your Definitive Guide To The Lawsuits, Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

The Poison Is Already In The System

Don't Disrespect The Queen!

Members Only: What Does The Future Of The Republican Party Look Like?

Biden And Sun Tzu's Art Of War

Our Worst Fears About Trump Have Come True

How Bad Are The Midterms Looking For Republicans? Holy ****!

"You're A Fascist. NO YOU'RE A FASCIST!"

MEMBERS ONLY: Trump Is Panicking

(Corrected Version) Trump Can’t Stop Confessing To His Many Crimes

Trump Can’t Stop Confessing To His Many Crimes

The Simple Joy Of Making Lunch For My Kids

Lindsey Graham's Horrific New Bet

We Need To Talk About Matt Taibbi

Members Only: If Trump Goes To Jail, Will There Be War?

Don’t Stop Believing

I’ve Seen Enough: Donald Trump Will Be Indicted

The Alt Left Is A Disgrace

Christian Nationalism 5: Ten Years Of Terror And Extremism Later

He's In Deep, Deep S**t

Members Only: Guide To Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story For Total Morons

Why Did Trump Take Classified Documents To Mar-a-Lago? Here Are Some Possibilities.

The Traitors Who Hate Their Country

Audio Post: The Cult Will Swallow Anything

The Red Hats Declare War (Not Really)

The March Of Christian Nationalism 4: How Dominionists Are Trying To Undermine Our Country

Audio Post: Trump Gets Raided. What Does This Mean?

Republicans Are Really, Really Hating This

Members Only: The Greatest Books You've (Never?) Read

What’s Not The Matter With Kansas?

The March Of Christian Nationalism 3: How Chrisitian Dominionist Combat Reality

What The Hell Is Andrew Yang Doing?

This Is Some Good F**king News!!

MEMBERS ONLY: The Passport Trip From Hell

Merrick Garland Is Doing His Job, Now We Must Do Ours – By Winning

The March Of Christian Nationalism 2: The Cult Of Christian Dominionism

"Yesterday Is A Hard Word For Me"

Members Only: Why Christian Dominionism Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Here’s What We Know About Merrick Garland And Trump

The March Of Christian Nationalism 1: An Introduction

Covid Update: "I Could Barely Make It Around The Block"

Trump Planned It All

Members Only: A Difficult Conversation

How 11 Years Of Right Wing Hate Has Changed Me

Trump Was Treated Like The Reckless Child He Is – By His Own Staffers

Dear Billie Joe Armstrong: Please Stay

Joe Biden And The Hard Question

How To Depose A Narcissistic Liar

Members Only: How To Lose Your Money (Or Make A Fortune?)

Jordan Peterson, Wanker

I Miss Covid Drinking

A Watershed Moment For Trump And The Nation

Members Only: America's New Civil War Discussion

The American Civil War Has Already Started

Republicans Would Have Murdered My Wife Over A Miscarriage

My Radical Experiment Treating Long Covid

This Is Bad. Very, Very Bad.

This Is How We’ll End Up In A Sectarian Civil War

You’ll Never Be Happy

Republicans Are Building Their Paramilitary Wing

They All F***ing Knew

Members Only: The Problem With AOC

Arresting Trump Will Get Ugly, The Alternative Is Worse

Letters To The Editor: "You Sound Like A Bunch Of Privileged Elitists"

The Evidence Is Clear: Trump And His Cronies Must Go To Jail

Members Only: Is American Democracy Over?

No, You’re Not Safer With A Gun In Your House (Maybe Do This Instead)

Putting Taser Drones In Schools Won’t Stop Shootings

Covid Really, Really Sucks

Citizen Trump

We Need To Discuss The Bombshell Report Alleging Trump Wanted To Hang Mike Pence

Ted Cruz Is No Human

Here’s How We Can Defeat The Gun Culture – Without Congress

Nothing Will Shock Republicans Enough To Abandon White Nationalism

Bill Maher And The Great Trans Debate

Gun Massacres, Purple Margarine, And Jordan Peterson's Meltdown

"Bob's Gun"

The Ballot Is Mightier Than The AR-15

The Buffalo Shooter Was Not A "Lone Wolf". He Is Exactly What Republicans Wanted

The Right's Identity Politics Is Far More Dangerous Than The Left's

Why Chinless Republicans Hate Women, British Butts, And Why Laura Ingraham Is A Fraud

"Republican Rules On Abortion Would Have Killed My Wife"

For The Last Time: No One Wants To Legalize Infanticide

The Right's Misogyny Is Worse Than You Think And It's Killing Women

How To Criticize The "Woke" Without Being "Anti-Woke"

The US Is Now An Exporter Of Terrorist Ideology

Republicans Want To Control Women, Not Reduce Abortions

Democrats: Transform Anger Over Abortion Rights Into Votes

Letters To The Editor: Toxic Twitter, Falling Out With MAGA Family And Making Friends With Neocons

Elon Musk Savior Syndrome, Midterm Panic, And Biden's Ballsy Russia Strategy

Banter Members: “I Used To Believe….”

Elon Musk Doesn’t Understand Free Speech

The GOP's Attack On Disney Is A Constitutional Test We Cannot Afford To Fail

Glenn Greenwald Is Salivating Over Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover. Here's Why.

Banter Roundtable Podcast #24: "He's A Big Fat Liar"

Members Only Podcast: The Very Real Testosterone Crisis

The Trump Apology I’ll Never Get

Don't Effing Tan Your Balls

The Horrifying Lesson Republicans Have Taken From Vladimir Putin

Only Centrism And Guns Can Save Us

Democrats Should Attack Republicans As Unpatriotic…Starting Now

The Brutal Isolation Of Autism Parenting

Banter Roundtable Podcast #23: The Party Of Predators And Pedophiles Wants To Distract You

For Banter Members: Who Shot JFK?

Thank Goodness Eric Boehlert Was On Our Side

'Truth Social' And The Sad Decline Of A Trump True Believer

Guess Which Country The KKKoch Industries Won't Pull Out Of?

Banter Roundtable Podcast #22: Will Smith's Meltdown, Traitorous Ginni Thomas, And Jewish Funded Darwinism

Members Only: America's Unnecessary Racialization Of Will Smith vs Chris Rock

Letters To The Editor: "The Slap", Republicans Humiliate Themselves, And Lies About Racist Dems

And The Oscar Goes To… The American Nervous Breakdown

How Ukraine Used Muhammed Ali's Rope-A-Dope Strategy To Smash Putin

The GOP's Vision For America Is Far Scarier Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Banter Roundtable Podcast: "A Shooting War Between The United States And Russia Is World War 3"

Members Only: When A Crazy Conspiracy Theorist Tried To Sue The Daily Banter

Republicans Are Shouting The N-Word At Judge Jackson

The New York Times Just Jumped The "Both Sides" Shark

My Drone Leaflet to Russia

Letters To The Editor: Missing Chez, Biden's Balancing Act, And Vlad The Bully

Banter Roundtable Podcast #20: Putin's Dilemma, Greenwald Owned, And Marjorie Taylor Greene Is An Idiot

Members Only: Bob’s Epic Takedown Of Glenn Greenwald Over His Spurious NSA Claims

Republicans Propose The Most Barbaric Anti-Abortion Laws Yet

The Great 2022 Autism Roadtrip

When Glenn Greenwald Attacks

Banter Roundtable Podcast #19: Putin's End Game, Despicable Republicans, And The Gas Price Freakout!

Members Only: Diary Of A Street Fighter

Letters To The Editor: Are We Biden Apologists?

There’s No Way In Hell Trump Was Tough On Russia

Putin's Loudest Cheerleaders Have One Thing In Common

The Rules Of The Jungle

Banter Roundtable Podcast #18: Has Putin Checkmated Himself?

Members Only: "My Life As A Russian Asset"

Republicans Target Trans Kids Because Republicans Are Monsters

Putin Is Losing In Ukraine, But Something Far Scarier Might Be Happening

Ideologues Air Their Grievances While Putin Slaughters Ukrainians

Trump's State Of The Union, 2022

Letters To The Editor: Have We Failed On Russia?

Banter Roundtable Podcast #17: "World War 3"

Members Only Podcast: Remembering Chez Pazienza

Note To Banter Readers: A Fantastic Take On The GOP's Fealty To Putin

Remembering Chez: Eating With The Enemy

What to do about Russia

Don’t Worry: There Are At Least 18 Other Legal Cases Against Trump

Matt Taibbi And Glenn Greenwald Are Suspiciously Silent On Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine

Fascism Is Bad But So Is Wokeism! Worse, Actually! by Matt Bai

Banter Roundtable Podcast #16: "Jesus, Guns, Babies"

Vladimir Putin Has Severely Underestimated President Biden's Resolve

No, Hillary Clinton Absolutely Did Not Spy On The Trump White House

Letters To The Editor: "Um, did I sign up for the wrong Substack?"

Republicans Hate Public Education Because It Teaches Kids To Think For Themselves

Banter Roundtable #15: "Flush It Down The Toilet!"

Members Only Podcast: How The Daily Banter Died, And The Birth Of The Banter Newsletter

Whoopi! A Celebration of Runaway Political Correctness

The Pretend-It’s-Over Crowd Gets Louder, But They’re Still Dead Wrong

Letters To The Editor

Why Do Republicans Hate Their Children?

Roundtable Podcast #14: Anger At Whoopi, Biden Jobs Report, Rogan's Apology, And Ben Booted Off Twitter!

Whoopi Goldberg, Anti-Semitism And The Woke Left Gone Mad

America Enters The Make-Believe Phase Of The Pandemic

We Should Have it So Good as the Capitol Rioters

Banter Roundtable Podcast #13: Putin The Bully, Biden "Scandal", And More Rogan/Peterson Bulls**t

Good News For The Democrats And A Rare Opportunity To Change Democracy

Bari Weiss Is "Done With Covid" Because She Is A Spoiled Brat

Why Is The Press Sabotaging Biden?

Banter Roundtable Podcast #12: The Legal Walls Are Closing In On Trump And His Family

The Unspoken Death Toll Of The COVID Pandemic

How To Rehabilitate An Insurrectionist

Trump's Suicide Cult Is An Easily Solved Moral Conundrum

Banter Roundtable #11: Pee-Pee Covid Cure, Rogan Brutally Owned, Supreme Court F**kery, And "Both Sides!"

New For Members! Bob Cesca Audio Article

Here’s Why Americans Think The Economy Sucks Even Though It Doesn’t

Republican Judges Are Out Of Control

Jan. 6th Was A Deep State Plot By Neoliberal Corporatist Democrats

Banter Roundtable Podcast: The Jan 6th Trump Coup Extravaganza (MEMBERS EDITION)

If You Hated 'Don’t Look Up', Read This

Not Having Cancer Is Expensive

How The New York Times Helps Normalize Racist Conspiracy Theorists