Sitemap - 2020 - The Banter - Washington DC

A Season’s Greetings Message to Donnie, Rudy, and Their Fellow Klansmen

2020: The Year Covid Beat Trump And Uncovered A Deep Rot In America

It’s Not A Coup If It’s A Republican Coup

The Sad End Of Donald Trump

Trump Is Totally Checked Out

Trump Is Ripping Off His Own Supporters And I’m Okay With That

What Happens After The Coup Ends? Nothing Good

What The Rwandan Genocide Can Teach Us About Fox News

It’s Terrifying How Close We Came To Losing Our Democracy

The Trump Two-Minute Transition Drill

Trumpism Cannot Die Because It Never Existed

"Unbalanced, Skewed Too Far Left"

Can This Be Over Already?

An Internet Meme Mocked Trump, So He's Trying To Defund The Military

Trump's Final Deadly Game

Biden Needs To Brag (Loudly) About Everything He Does

My 2020 Landslide, by Donald Trump

This Thanksgiving, Reach Out To Your MAGA Relatives...And Slap Their Hand Away

How Trump Wrecked Journalism In America

Trump's Performative Coup

Purpling Red America

On His Way Out, Donald Trump Wants To Break The World

Trump's Epic Revenge Will Be An Epic Dud

The Final Delusion Of President Trump

This Is Extremely Dangerous

How To Sell A Loser President

It's Over, Donnieboy

Democracy Was Saved By Honest Elections And Fox News Propaganda (Seriously!)

The Rise Of Joe Biden And The Humiliation Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is This Close To Being A One Term Loser

Trump Is Going To Lose But The Fight's Not Over

See You On The Other Side

Keep Calm. It's Not 2016.

The Banter Brief: Will The Nightmare End?

Win Or Lose, ‘White Idiocracy’ Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

A Message From The Terrible American Id

Why Returning To Normal After Trump Is A Terrible Idea

Fat Donny's Terrible Campaign Strategy

The Banter Brief: Trump Tried To Be Human. It Didn't Work.

Trump Is Up To His Dead Eyeballs In Chinese Money

Trump's Plan For Final Biden Debate Is Absolutely Insane

The Ratf**kers Are Losing

The Polls Look Bad For Trump. Like Real Bad.

The Banter Brief: The Abandonment Of Donald Trump

What The Hell Is NBC Doing?

If You Do Not Vote, The Terrorists Will Win

A Letter to the Next Republican President

And Now For Some Good News (Honest!)...

Trump Is Screwed And He's To Blame - With The Great Bob Cesca!

The Banter Brief: Roid Rage Trump

Trump Fatigue Is Finally Here

Trump Is A Suicide Bomber On His Last Mission

The White House COVID Meltdown Is Biggest Scandal Of Trump's Presidency

COVID Takes Out The Entire White House

The Yom Kippur from Hell

The Banter Brief: Trump Has The Rona

The Short Term Upside And Long Term Downside Of Trump’s Debate Madness

The Debate From Hell

Trump Delivered Worst Debate Performance In Modern History

The Proud Boys Are Waiting For Trump's Signal To Start A Civil War

He's Broke

There Will Be No Peaceful Transition Of Power

The Banter Brief: He's Not Leaving

Fighting Back Against Trump’s New Plot To Steal The Electoral College

Think Your Virtual Schooling Sucks? You Have No Idea

Banning Abortion Is Just The Beginning For The Right

Weekend at Donnie’s: Would Trump’s Death Hurt His Reelection Chances?

Now It Is War

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Is Actually Terrible For Trump And The GOP

The Banter Brief: The Rapist In Chief

How The Firehose Of Trump News Is Eroding American Democracy

Dear David Sirota: For The Love Of God, Shut The F*ck Up

Which Reality Do You Want To Live In?

Trump Knew, But He Didn't Care

There Will Not Be An October Surprise Unless Trump Drops Dead On Live TV

The Banter Brief: Trump's Self-Served "Sh*t Sandwich"

Trump Admitted To Downplaying The Pandemic, But There's Only One Way To Make It Stick

Word to the Base: Trump Thinks You’re Suckers, Too

How To Play Video Games In 2020

Donald Trump: Sent By God?

The Banter Brief: "Suckers And Losers"

The QAnon Weirdos Are Rapidly Seizing The Republican Party

Trump's Campaign Is About To Take A Very Dangerous Turn, And Democrats Should Be Extremely Alarmed

Is Procreation Still a Thing?

The Banter Brief: Trump's Orgy Of Hate, Don't Panic Democrats, And Bye Kellyanne!

An Illegal, Exploitative Nightmare

American Police Are Now Openly Working With Violent White Nationalist

Inside The GOP Convention: No Plans, No Policies, Just Madness And The Destruction Of American Democracy

Biden Nails It

Thank You Trump, May I Have Another?

The Banter Brief: Biden Batters Trump, Sloppy Steve Arrested, And An Angry Obama

How To Fact Check Trump’s Lies About COVID Cases, And Obama “Spying” On His Campaign

I'm Looking Forward To The Hate Coming For Kamala Harris

Two Conventions, Two Americas, And The Beginning Of A New War

Can You Support Trump and Be a Good Person?

The Banter Brief: Get The Popcorn Out, Kamala Is About To Disembowel Mike Pence

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris And Why I Finally Feel Hopeful

The Axis Of Ignorance: My Terrifying Journey Into COVID Conspiracy Land

Don’t Turn Us Into Belarus

Sabotage, 'Thighland', And The End Of The NRA?

Donald Trump Is Not An American. I Am.

The Banter Brief: "Stupid, Injured Manchild That He Is"

Trump's Latest Declaration Is Beyond Terrifying

A Message To Reluctant Trump Supporters: Sit This One Out

Our School Will Be Virtual In The Fall. Thank God.

Why Do Liberals Unfriend People Over Politics? Because Conservatives Are Soulless Monsters (UPDATED)

Demon Sex And A Trump-Connected Insider Trading Scandal

The Banter Brief: Election? What Election?

Trump Is Rigging The Postal Service To Get Himself Re-Elected

The US Is Now A Failed State

Cognitive Dissonance

I Went On Vacation To Trump Country And It Was Worse Than I Thought

Trump, Gestapo Tactics, And Aliens? – With Bob Cesca!

The Banter Brief: “I Am Someone’s Daughter, Too"

Trump Launches The Invasion And Occupation Of American Cities

Tucker Carlson Told A Grotesque Lie About NYTimes "Doxxing" Him, And Now He's Getting Away With It

Trump Finally Has His Stormtroopers

Trump Has Always Been Governing On Borrowed Time, And Now That Time is Up

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Robot, Trump's Goon Squads, And The COVID Catastrophe

Distraction Junction

The Banter Brief: "He’s Got His Hand On The Self Detonator Now.”

Trump Won’t Go To War Against China, But He Might Go To War Against America

Those Who Scream “Tyranny!” The Loudest Are The First To Embrace The Violence Of Fascism

(UPDATED) Prediction: How Tucker Carlson Is Going To Spin The Resignation Of His White Supremacist Writer

Republicans' War On American Soldiers

The Banter Brief: Joe Biden Is Now The Heavy Favorite For President

Trump Gave CIA Secrets To Putin And There's Nothing We Can Do About It

How to Kick a Man When He’s Down

Kanye West 2020? That's Quite Enough, America.

Trump And Fox News Go To War On Experts...And Reality?

The Banter Brief: Trump's Impossible Task

Tucker Carlson's Parallel Universe

There's A Devious Way To Help Get Donald Trump Out Of Office

Trump's Escalation Just Took A Significant Turn For The Worse

Are You Orthodox Pandemic?

Covid Disaster, Karens Gone Wild And Trump's Polling Collapse

The Banter Brief: Trump Commits Political Suicide By Attempting Obamacare Repeal

Other Nations Are Nearing The End Of Coronavirus Crisis. Not America.

"Blue Flu" May Be Just What America Needs

A Cornered Trump Is Going Full Fascist, Full Racist, And Full Crazy

The Banter Brief: Trump Threatens Americans With Violence. Again.

Bolton Is A Weasel, But That Doesn't Mean He's Lying

Glenn Greenwald: Black Lives Don’t Matter When There Are Democrats To Blame

The Arsonist-in-Chief

The Stephen Miller/Donald Trump Speech on Race Relations: First Draft

MAGA At Your Own Risk: Trump Rallygoers Must Sign a Pandemic Waiver

The Banter Brief: Republicans Are Turning On Trump

Racist Donald Trump Loves Him Some Confederate Generals

It's The Racism. And More.

Trump Declared War On America...And Lost

Bunker Boy Trump Brutalizes Peaceful Protestors

The Banter Brief: "This Is An Awful Man"

Trump’s Atrocious Bible Stunt Might Be The Beginning Of The End

Enough, America. Enough.

Trump Is Losing To Biden And He’s Never Been More Dangerous

The Banter Brief: America Is Burning, Trump Is Tweeting

America's Racist Freakout

The Most "Unmanly" President? Trump Is The Definition Of Right Wing Manliness

Trump's Reelection Strategy Is Going To Backfire Spectacularly

Real Social Security

Yes, We'd Take A Dead Joe Biden Over A Live Donald Trump

The Banter Brief: Trump Is In Deep Sh*t

Trump Is Extorting These American States To Win In 2020

Trump's Latest Coronavirus F**kery

Trump Supporters Almost Assaulted My 12-year-Old Autistic Son Because He Was Wearing a Mask

The Tara Reade Story Is Over

Trump's "Obamagate" Delusion

The Banter Brief: #OBAMAGATE!!!!

A Second Trump Term Would Be A Hellscape Of Indescribable Proportions

A Message To Americans From The Future: Do Not Let Trump Get Away With This

"Zombie Corporations" Are Destroying Our Economy

How I'm Avoiding Disaster And Family Dissolution Under Lockdown

Republicans Aren't Pro-Life and Their Coronavirus Response Proves It

The Banter Brief: Trump Gives Up, Biden Can Take Florida, And A Great 90's Movie

Donald Trump Wants You...To Be Cannon Fodder In His War

No, Joe Biden Does Not Have Dementia

To Republicans, Coronavirus Deaths Are Now Simply The Cost Of Doing Business

Banter Special: Voting In A Pandemic With Jessica Huseman, Plus Joe Biden/Tara Reade Scandal Developments

How To Thrive During COVID-19 By Jared Kushner

The Banter Brief: Joe Biden Slams Tara Reade Allegations, Trump Slump, and COVID-19 Vaccine Success

The Tara Reade Story Is Tricking Progressives Into Voting For Trump Again

Matt Taibbi Is Destroying His Reputation One Tweet At A Time

The (Almost) Worst Case Coronavirus Scenario Is On The Way

Donald Trump: Snake-Lysol Salesman

The Banter Brief: The "Inject Yourself With Lysol" President

Trump’s Criminal Inaction Increased U.S. Coronavirus Deaths By 90 Percent

The Smearing Of Joe Biden Part 2: Biden And The "Dementia" Conspiracy

Tea Party 2.Derp

Tara Reade's Sexual Assault Allegation Against Joe Biden Is Falling Apart

An American Prayer

The Banter Brief: "Total Authority" Trump Gets Brutally Put In His Place

The Red Hats Are Fine With A Dictator, As Long As It’s Their Dictator

Covid-19 Is Peeling The Veneer Off Of American Exceptionalism

We Can Finally Say Goodbye To The Bernie Sanders Militants

Trump Supporters Are Directly Responsible For The Enormous Coronavirus Death Toll

The Banter Brief: "They Deserve To Get Wiped Out"

Trump Will Use Coronavirus To Steal The 2020 Election From Biden

The Smearing Of Joe Biden (Part 1): Why His #MeToo Accuser Is Not Credible

Trump’s Cult Is Committing Suicide To Own The Libs

White House Insider: "Trump Is Killing His Own Supporters"

Trump's Narcissism Turns Deadly, And The Post COVID World Order

The Banter Brief: A Most Shocking Dereliction Of Duty

The Media Is Helping Re-Elect Donald Trump

Slave Nation

Trump’s Disastrous COVID-19 Response Exposes Libertarianism As A Complete Lie

The Most Shameful Tweet Of Trump's Entire, Sordid Career

The Banter Brief: The Mind Blowing Failure Of Trump's Coronavirus Leadership

Conoravirus And The Pandemic Of Nincompoopery

Republicans Are Now Actively Endorsing Eugenics To Solve Coronavirus Pandemic

Why Is Trump Doing Nothing To Stop COVID-19?

How People Defied Trump's China Travel Ban, And Why It Was Always A Complete Joke

The Banter Brief: Coronavirus Hell, A Cure On The Way, And Tucker Carlson's Extraordinary Intervention

Trump Will Use Coronavirus To Expand His Authoritarianism. We Must Stop Him.

Matt Taibbi Is Going Full Bernie Bro...On Bernie Sanders?

We’re Trapped Between Act I and Act II of Trump’s Pandemic Horror Movie

Know Nothings: The Coronavirus Irony

The Banter Brief: "Don't F*cking Panic!"

A New Podcast (And Some Feedback Please!)

We Must Eradicate "Patient Zero" In Our Political Pandemic. And That is Trump and Trumpism.

Sorry, Bros. No Repeat Of 2016 For You.

Bernie's Supporters Are Ruining His Presidential Campaign

The Banter Brief: Biden's Astonishing Resurrection, Gwyneth Paltrow Gets High, And Bloomberg's Investment

‘Good Guy’ Joe Biden Can Defeat Trump By Remaining Above The Shovel-Fights

How to Be a COVID-19 Patriot

Trump Is Flunking His Final Test

Donald Trump's God Is Abandoning Him

The Banter Brief: Coronavirus Freakout, Trump's Polling Disaster, And Ragnarok

Trump Can't Spell 'Coronavirus', Let Alone Protect Americans From It

This Is What Happens When Democrats Win

Remembering Chez, Three Years On

I Wanna Be Like Mike

The Banter Brief: Warren Disembowels Bloomberg, Good Omens, And Returning Whales!

It’s Not Just Trumpers Spreading Pro-Trump Propaganda On Facebook

If It's Mike Bloomberg Or Fascism, The Choice Isn't Hard To Make

How Two Political Theories Are Threatening To Destroy The Country

Growing Up At Your Own Pace

The Banter Brief: Sanders Surge, Limbaugh The Homophobe, and Netflix Must Watch

Looks Like We’ve Got Ourselves A Dictator Now

If Bernie Wins, Sign Me Up. He Can Beat Trump.

Lesson Not Learned

Trump Was Acquitted By The Senate, But This Ain’t Over Yet

Anyone Attacking Democrats For Trump's Sham Acquittal Is Lying To You

With Trump's Acquittal, Winning In 2020 May No Longer Matter

How Donald Trump Destroyed My Last Refuge

The Banter Brief: The C*** Award, Brexit, Bolton Bombshell and Cancer Cure

F*ck Your Feelings, Trumpers: It’s Time To Make America Smart Again

The Next Crash Is Going To Be Brutal

John Bolton Has Just Destroyed Trump's Impeachment Defense

The Banter Brief: Study Proves (Again) That Trump Fans Are Racist, Hillary Bashes Bernie, & Good News On The Senate?

If The Republicans Acquit Trump, They’ll Create Our First Dictator

The Right Is Being "Emasculated" And It's Driving Them Crazy

Kellyanne Conway's Desecration Of Martin Luther King

The Banter Brief: "You’re a bunch of dopes and babies"

Rush’s Neil Peart Saved My Life

Democrats Must Use Fear Of Obamacare Repeal To Defeat Trump in 2020

Social Media Is Crippling Right Wing Warmongering Efforts

The Hail Mary Assassination

The Banter Brief: Thank God For That....

Trump Totally Botched The Iran Crisis, Achieving Exactly Nothing

Chris Cillizza Attacks Elizabeth Warren For Saying Things We All Agree With

Tucker Carlson's Iran Criticism Is Far More Sinister Than You Think

The Banter Brief: Trump Starts WWIII